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December 5, 2011

 Dec. 10, 2011 Opening Art Reception at EAP

Gladys will be at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery for the Artist Reception. Her painting "Goddess Collage" will be displayed until the end of the month. Photo taken by Patrick Quigley.  Photo from left to right: Gladys Jimenez with author and poet, Mary L. Quigley.  Glad's artwork in the background.

Video of Exhibit. My artwork starts at 2:30 minutes

November 22, 2011

Working With Mix Media

Hello Friends,

I've been really enjoying creating mix media artwork. My creativity is unleashed as I consider not only the type of paints and ink I would like to use, but papers, plastics, natural objects, and anything that could add texture, color, and that Je nais se quoi factor.

The artwork is really varied too. From simple child like artwork, to collage, to abstract. My imagination is the limit. It's just really fun. Once I have 30 pieces of artwork I will do an online auction to raise

funds for the Boldly Creating Life Foundation. This foundation brings art back into the classrooms of public elementary school that do not currently have an art program. It is hard to believe but our kids nowadays are going from kindergarten to 5th grade without a single art class!

If we can offer just one class to a child who has not been exposed to art, we are really providing for them a doorway to his/her imagination and creativity. A single class could be all that is needed, to show a child that there is a world of art ready to be discovered.

You can help us by purchasing one of the artwork pieces sold at this website. For more information on the foundation please go to http://www.bclf.org.

With Love, 


June 16, 2011

Creating Art Again

This is a drawing I did at age five that my grandmother kept.

I didn't realized how important art was for me until I took a trip to Europe in the summer of 1985. I was in heaven exploring the Louvre in Paris and their countless galleries. I couldn't get enough of the Uffizi in Florence or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I was living and breathing art for weeks. I took literally hundreds of photographs during that trip, some were actually published. But what I couldn't wait to do was paint some of those places I found so beautiful on my trip. And that I did. I bought oil paints for the first time, canvases, brushes and painted during my free time for 4 years.

Then when I became a mother, my children became my priority. I did paint here and there but not consistently. It wasn't until my daughter went to college in 2009 that I started to paint again. I took a watercolor class from Tom Tiedeman in San Diego and one mix media art class from Clara Berta in Los Angeles. I wanted to explore as many art tools as I could, as I was so thirsty to develop my own style of painting.

Now that my son is going to college this coming August too, I will have more time to paint. I am looking for ways to transition from art as a hobby, to a full time artist. There is nothing else I would rather do than paint and create all day long. For me, when I paint it's more than unleashing my creativity, it's connecting with my Creator, as art is being born. In this blog I'll write about the journey I'm taking to become a full time artist.

With love, 


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