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Dec. 13, 2014 - EAA Art Reception

Gladys' painting "Christmas Tree" will be part of the Christmas Dreams exhibit at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery. The art reception will begin at 5:00 pm on Saturday, December 13, 2014. The gallery is located at 121 W. Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA.

November 24, 2014

Computer Problems

Hello Beautiful People,

Hope all is going well with you.  It has been a bit of a frustrating month without my computer for two weeks. I couldn't update my files with the new art sales, I couldn't prepare my images as I needed to post online, and social media on my iphone was not my easy on my eyes. I couldn't do the research I needed for my new series of paintings either.

I had to take my computer back to the Apple store 3 times, and I had to reload my back up files twice. I lost some of them in the process, and all my videos from the last two years. Losing the videos hurt the most over this whole thing.

I kept looking for the gift in this situation and there was one. I had more time to myself. I had time to read again, as I used to. I had time to work out again, which I tend to put off because my drive to paint is huge.  More times to play with my dog and spend with friends.

I learned about myself and what being a true artist is all about for me, and how this drive can throw me off balance if I am not careful.  I also took a personality test and discovered I'm a ISFP, which describes me so accurately that I thought someone was spying on me, but perhaps why I'm an artist as well.  

So down time is good to evaluate ourselves. The Fall is my favorite season, perfect to see where we are at, if we are still on course or if we need to make adjustments.  With the holidays coming a lot of time will be spent with my family and friends, and hardly any time to paint, but it's okay.  I'll be refreshed when they are over and commence new work.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may many blessings come your way.


P. S. My annual holiday sale is just around the corner!
Watermelon, 5"x7" on linen panel
October 14.2014

Selling Art Online

Dear Friends,

I've been working on selling art on the internet since June. It has been quite an experience learning from posting and selling art in different website venues.  I couldn't resist Zazzle.com, where you can buy different items with my artwork (like the coasters below with my artwork). It's a work in progress as it's very time consuming to add products and adjust the design but I think it will do great during the holidays. I'm purchasing a few items here for myself ;)

My plan was to test sites for at least three months per site. See what each site can deliver in traffic and sales.  It has been a profitable experience selling my small work, but not without frustrations and learning much about different facets of the art business.

I'm going to be the featured artist at The Riford Center in La Jolla in April 2015. This has made me ponder many things about my artwork. The type of artwork I want to create for the exhibit, the size and price range, and theme.

In the end I still refuse to confine myself to one type of art style as "art connoisseurs" suggest. I love painting realistic paintings but I enjoy abstract work as well, and will continue to do both.  While the idea of pricing artwork needs to be consistent, I will now follow this 80% of the time. Sometimes a piece takes twice, if not more, time to complete than the average. Those pieces I will price above my standard pricing formula.  Same when one takes a lot less time than the average.  I love my artwork, it's a reflection of who I am and have to follow my heart when it comes to pricing my artwork.

I must face the fact that I will always paint, even when I don't have much room in my home left to store my paintings, but I am now okay with not selling my paintings if it means under pricing them. I will keeping them for my children.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to sell them all, but it will be at a fair price.

Any suggestions on a theme for my April exhibit will be appreciated. I'm excited and can't wait to start a fresh new body of work, be it abstract or realistic, or both ;)

My birthday is just around the corner so October is always special to me. May October be good to you too.


Dec 5th and Dec 9th, 2014 - La Jolla Senior Center

Gladys will have an table at the La Jolla Senior Center for a day.  Please stop by if in the area and get your last minute gifts here like her book "Feel Good Thoughts". 

October 14, 2014 - The Wellness Center Art Gallery

Two of Gladys' paintings were accepted for The Wellness Center Art Gallery Exhibit. The paintings "Blue Bug" and "Art Gallery" will be on exhibit until January 2015.  Reception scheduled for Nov 14, 2014. The location is 115 Main Street, Vista, CA 92084. 

Oct. 11, 2014 - Betty Woodaman Memorial Exhibit

Gladys' painting "LA Bus" was juried into the Betty Woodaman Memorial Exhibit, which will take place at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery. The reception is October 11, 2014, from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  Do stop by for a fun evening.

September 27, 2014 - The Riford Center in La Jolla

Gladys will exhibit five paintings at The Riford Center from September 27, 2014 November 29, 2014. She will have five pieces of artwork on exhibit.  Stop by and take a look at the exhibit if you are local in San Diego.  The address is 6811 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037. Their phone number is (858) 459-0831. 

Sept. 27, 2014 - La Bodega Gallery

September 27, 2014 is the Art Reception for La Bodega Gallery, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Two paintings were juried into the exhibit:  “Pink Flower” and “Orange Bug”.  All paintings at this one day show are $100.00 or less.

September 24, 2014

Cool Day, 8"x10" oil on canvas

What a Month!

Dear Friends,

What a month! A good month that is. At the beginning of the month I sent an intention to sell all of my small abstract painting that I had.  When you paint as much as I do, one kind of runs out of space to put all the created art. 

I was blessed with a new art collector that bought 19 of my small abstract paintings plus a small commission work. There were a few more sales, for a total of 31 sales this month. It's kind of fun to see what my next intention will be for next month ;)  

Two of my paintings were juried into La Bodega Gallery One Day Exhibit, which will be this Sept 27, 2014. My painting LA bus was also juried into the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery Exhibit "Betty Woodaman". October 11, 2014 is the reception, between 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm. Hope to see some of you who are local there.

My work will also be at The Rifford Center in La Jolla until November 29, 2014.  October 18, 2014 the Rifford Center will be having a special fundraiser, so lot's of tables with good stuff to look at, in addition to the artwork.

Something strange has been happening this month. I keep dropping things! It's almost comical to be painting and all of a sudden the brush is on the floor.  It happens with both hands so I have broken a few items this month. I need to run some test, and I'm sure it's nothing serious but a strange feeling to have to adjust to the way I do things to make sure I don't drop anything. I will keep you updated once a few tests are done.

I hope all is well at your end, that you are enjoying looking at art, and taking time to appreciate all the beauty around you.


September 8, 2014

Children Love Art Too

Dear Friends,

Today was my second art booth. I found it interesting that the first one I had on the Fourth of July, the day began with a little boy, about 9 years old, who liked one of my paintings. His dad didn't have any money on him but the boy really wanted the painting so they left and about 10 minutes later came and bought it.

Today as the day began a little girl, about 9 also, fell in love with one of my paintings. She took a photo of it with her iphone and looked at me and I told her it was okay. I gave her my card and she ran away.

She brought her mother to show her the painting but mom said she had no cash. She brought her two older brothers to see if they would buy her the painting, then she brought her dad...I told him I would take checks or credit cards, but he said no.

Well she didn't give up. She brought her grandmother and told her how the painting had her favorite colors and it would look great in her room. The grandmother bought it for her. I wish I could post her photo showing how happy she was to get it (California laws do not allow us posting photos of minors unless we have consent from parents. This is to protect children. I have one her grandmother allowed me to take, but for my own personal records.

I felt great and so happy she got it because she wanted it so much that I almost thought of gifting it to her. The little girl was my first buyer today at the Old California Restaurant Artwalk in San Marcos. I'm fascinated that the children and teens who stopped by today really liked my art. I could see it in their eyes. It's a wonderful feeling. 
The photo here, show the painting she bought. 

Two of my paintings were juried in for La Bodega Gallery one day show, on September 27, 2014.  I'll be there! The reception is from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm and it's located at  2196 Logan Ave. San Diego 92113. All paintings are $100.00 or less. I was curious about this venue so glad I got in.


Sept. 6, 2014 Restaurant Row in San Marcos

Gladys will have an art booth at Restaurant Row in San Marcos on Sunday, Sept. 6, 2014. She will be there from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.  Stop by and see her new art creations from her California Driving series, as well as her new series, Balboa Park.

August 24, 2014

San Diego Art Museums

Dear Friends,

I went to Balboa Park to see the Sorolla exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art. Wow! What can I say, so humbled when I see his work.  

While at Balboa Park there were so many scenes that I wanted to capture on paint even though few days earlier I had gone with my friends on a photo shoot, which is what inspired me to do a new series on Balboa Park. Stay tune for the paintings, which will be part of 30 paintings in 30 days challenge I have once again entered, and starts September 1, 2014.

This painting here is number 2 in the series "California Driving". I do love the way it turned out.

I have a booth at Restaurant Row in San Marcos on the first Sunday of September. I do hope to see you there if you are in the area.


California License Plate, 8"x10" oil on canvas

August 19, 2013

Los Angeles Art Trip

Dear Friends,

I spent 8 days in Los Angeles and just fell in love with the artistic side of the city again. If only they had less traffic and parking wasn't so hard. I was lucky to go see the exhibit at LACMA, which had the Van Gogh to Kandisky exhibit!

I was in heaven seeing actual works from the masters, including Marc, Picasso, Cezanne and many others. It was wonderful to see these paintings up close and trying to figure out how each piece was created. 

I was also able to give a private art lesson while in Los Angeles.

My art workshop was fun and frustrating! It's so hard for me to paint from realism to abstraction. While I can paint non-objective and abstract fine, when following the way our instructor wanted us to do it I felt overwhelmed.  I like what I created but it's no where as abstract as I would like it to be. Perhaps in time I could learn to let go and be more lose with my paintings as a tool, as I feel it would be good to know how to paint that way. For right now I do like the way I intuitively paint and continue to work on my California Driving series.

Will post photos from workshop and my current painting on my next blog.

If you are in LA go see their current exhibit and if in San Diego, go see Sorolla's exhibit. I am looking forward to seeing it myself this week.


July 31, 2014

Summer Time Again

Dear Friends,

I've been busy painting from my series "California Driving" and excited to work on my new painting "LA Bus". It's taking way more time than I expected but its coming along :)

I was juried into the San Marcos Art Street Fair in San Marcos Restaurant Row, so you will see me there in September and October, the first Sunday of the month from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

I have signed up for a workshop with Michael Steirnagle and it starts Saturday August 2. It 4 intensive days and I am so looking forward to it. I am always looking for ways to learn and grow. The workshop will focus on Realism to Abstraction, which is something I think will help me a lot.

I hope your summer is going well and you are taking sometime to yourself.

Until next time...


L. A. Bus painting in progress
July 14, 2014

Siesta, 10"x10" Mixed media on canvas

Love Lots of Sales

Dear Friends,

July has been a great month for art sales. I'm always surprised that the paintings I do for fun, the ones that don't necessarily have the right perspective or the cool colors are in the front and the warm ones in the back, and are simple and almost whimsical, are the ones my fans seem to enjoy the most.  It's so rewarding to me when these type of paintings sell, verses the ones that one would consider fine art, because they are part of my own inner world.

This month I also received an award and cash for my painting "Tide Pool" from the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery. It was such a wonderful 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Escondido, where I connected with new and old friends.  I was also nicely surprised to see some of my fans come up to me to greet me at the reception.  I so love to hear feedback on my work.

I spent sometime up dating the website and added some artwork to sites that can create prints of my work. Check them out at Imagekind.com or Fineartamerica.com.  By the way, I now do have auctions of paintings that were studies at DailyPaintworks.com as well. Stop by for some real deals while they last. 

This is it for now.  May your summer continue to be fun and cool.


July 12, 2014 Art Reception - EAP

Gladys will be at the reception on July 12, 2014, which takes place between 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery. Her artwork "Tide Pool" will be on exhibit. This jury event award this artwork third place.

July 9, 2014 Adventures in Bridge Venue

Gladys will have on display from July 9, 2014 to Oct. 9, 2014 twelve pieces of artwork at Adventures in Bridge venue. The facility is located at 6150 Mission Gorge Road #122, San Diego, CA 92120 and the phone is 619-287-8313, in case you need directions or hours of operation.  Stop by and check out the artwork.

July 4, 2014 - Grape Day Park Booth

Gladys will be on July 4th, 2014 at Grape Day Park in Escondido.  Her at booth will show smaller pieces of artwork, most of it new pieces, created for this event.  The hours are 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Come stop by and say hello, and stay for the fireworks. Happy 4th!

June 14th, 2014 - EAP Members Exhibit

Gladys will be at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery on June 14th, 2014 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Her artwork "Leopard" will be on exhibit until July 5th, 2014.

June 1, 2014

Halfway Through the Year

Dear Friends,

We are almost half way through the year!  In June I hope you have time to visit the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery if you are local, to view my painting "Leopard". It's a member's only exhibit, so I could use your votes.

I will also be exhibiting at the Riford Center in La Jolla for the month of June and July, 5 paintings, which include the "Wolf" and "Blue Macaws". This is my first time exhibiting at this venue since I was juried in as a member, so very excited about it.

There are only a few days left to catch my current exhibit at 57 Degree Winery, I have 7 paintings there until June 7, 2014.

Much has been happening with my art and looking forward to painting several pieces I have in mind...too many to decide which one to do first it seems, but can't wait to have some painting time this coming weekend to begin.

Here is my latest abstract, just needed to release some energy, which seems to be the purpose of my abstract paintings lately, sort of like a warm up exercise before I start a realistic one. 

If you are local, I hope to catch you at one of my exhibits.

With Love,

Go On My Heart, 30"x30" oil on canvas

June 13, 2014 - The Riford Center

Gladys Jimenez's artwork will be on exhibit at The Riford Center from June 1, 2014 until July 31, 2014. She will have five pieces of artwork on exhibit.  Stop by and take a look at the exhibit if you are local in San Diego.  The address is 6811 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037. Their phone number is (858) 459-0831. Reception is June 13, 2014 from 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

May 18, 2014

Celebration Time!

Hello Beautiful Friends,

I had a wonderful Mother's Day up in Northern California with my son. I'm so proud of my children and my daughter made my day extra special even though she is away in Texas.

We had wild fires in San Diego this month and it has affected many of my friends, leaving them homeless. It has sadden me to see them go through this events, but they feel loved as people help them and showed them kindness.

My painting "Leopard" will be on exhibit at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery starting June 5th, 2014 for a month.

I've been experimenting with my painting, and learning much from playing with paint, but I somehow always default to my own style of painting...hopefully a bit better.

I picked up my Honorary Award today for my painting "Art Gallery" and got to see the exhibit, and the other painting I have "Kathryn".  I am very happy with the work I submitted.

Until next time, with much love,
May 16, 2014 - Lilac Elementary School

Gladys Jimenez will be at Lilac School (located at 30109 Lilac Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082) on May 16, 2014 for Art Night. She will be doing a painting demonstration and will have some of her latest artwork on display. The artwork of her students will also be on exhibit throughout the school. The theme were characters from the movie "Rio" and you can see some samples of student's work above. There will be other artists as well, so stop by for some art viewing and if you fancy, participate in the art auction, which will raise money for art programs for elementary school children.

May 10, 2014 Opening Art Reception

Gladys Jimenez' artwork "Kathryn" and "Art Gallery" will both be on display at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery for their Contemporary Realism exhibit.  Gladys will be receiving an Honorary Award for her work "Art Gallery". Reception is May 10, 2014 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
April 24, 2014

Kathryn, 16" x 20" oil on canvas

One Show, Two Paintings!

Dear Friends,

I'm really happy here. Today I received a call and two of my paintings were accepted for the Contemporary Realism exhibit at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery. This is a first time that I have two paintings in one exhibit.

But here is the best part...my painting "Art Gallery" actually won an Honorary Award! Yeap, so happy to hear the news as this is a very competitive juried exhibition.

I am currently working on a painting "Leopard" and already have the next painting in mind. Looking forward to it as well. It's going to be titled "Painter" and it will be a painting of an artist I admire, Jose Salvaggio, doing a plein air painting.  Can't wait to get started.

I will not be able to attend the art reception where the awards would be presented on May 10 because I will be up North, at a gala dinner with my son, celebrating mother's day.  I want to take this time to wish all mothers a wonderful special day, full of joy and love.


April 4, 2014

I Love Animals

Dear Friends,

I've been on an animal trend with my paintings lately.  I finished the "Two Macaws" and in the process of finishing "Wolf", while starting "Cheetah"...yeap...I am loving painting animals :)

Friday I have my final art class with Fifth Graders in Valley Center for this year. We are finishing up our characters inspired by the movie "Rio".

I was invited to display my artwork at the San Diego Treasurer's office down town this month but I gracefully declined. Don't get me wrong, I love to display my work, but I want to do it in a place that appreciates art and not just a place where they want to cover up their walls.  My collectors are kind, sensitive people that appreciate my work, and I think their investment in my artwork could be better represented.

Anyway, hope all is well with you all.


Deer, 6" x 6" oil on canvas

March 24, 2014

Blue Macaws, 16"x20" oil on canvas 
Paid Teaching Gig

Dear Friends,

I was lucky to get a teaching gig in Valley Center teaching 3 fifth grade classes how to paint. It's a two meeting part classes and we worked on the first part of the lesson. I can't wait to go back and finish the art project. The theme was "Rio", the movie, and each student created a painting based on the characters from the movie.  This inspired me so much, that today I began to paint my own "Rio" painting of two blue macaws!

Have been super busy teaching art as a volunteer to children as well, through BCLF.org. Very proud of my students. I have also joined an Artist Critic Group and love to mingle with other artist with such diverse talent and style in painting.

Excited also now that I was juried in as a member of aaaSD (art association in La Jolla). Looking forward to exhibiting some of my work there and as well as some of the public venues they curate.

Check out my website in April, as new paintings will be added to the inventory.


March 8, 2014 - California Center for the Arts

Today I will be at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido. I will have a small table displaying a few art pieces. I have also 6 art classes I taught on display at the center as part of BCLF.org and SmArt.

February 14, 2014

My artwork repurposed

Time to Paint Hearts!

Dear Friends,

I'm thrilled to have 7 pieces of artwork at 57 Degrees again. They will be on exhibit until April 2014, so if you live in the area, you have plenty of time to visit.  The art reception will be February 28, 2014, from 6:00 pm to 10 pm. There will be live music and other artists to mingle with.

I began a new painting, a night scene of the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery.  It's in the process but I like the results so far. As with all my paintings, I can't wait to see the finished product.

I was accepted to the NewYorkArt.com gallery this month, and I found out that part of my artwork from the Artful Inches that did not sell was used for a decorative cigar box and sold at a high price. The work was all about hearts, and February being the month for Valentine's day, I can see why it was a big hit.  Above is photo of box.

Now back to painting :)


February 28, 2014 - 57 Degrees Art Reception

Gladys Jimenez's work will be on exhibit at 57 Degrees (Fifty Seven Degrees), located on 1735 Hancock Street, San Diego, California 92101, from February 10, 2014 for three months.

The reception is February 28, 2014, 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm. Gladys will display 7 works of art, including her latest work "Madonna".

January 24, 2014

My student's artwork in progress

My Students Work

Dear friends,

This year I am going to give more private art lessons to children.  I just really enjoy doing so, even after 15 years of volunteering as an art teacher at the local elementary school, I still find it wonderful to see children's faces light up when they learn a new tool to create.

This week I taught two kindergarten classes and one 5th grade class.  I was so impressed with the kindergarten children. It had been a while since I had worked with little ones and they were so into the art lesson, asking questions such as "Where can I learn more about artists?". Ah...kids after my own heart :)

They all just joined in when it came to the creative process and created beautiful paintings.  My fifth grade class were also very creative and it's so exciting to be able to go deeper into art at their age.  Above is an example of the artwork created by my students.

Boldly Creating Life Foundation brings these art classes to children who do not have an art program in school.  It saddens me sometimes when I think that these 50 kindergarten children will only get this one single art class for their entire academic year! How is that okay?

I can only do so much with my volunteer work, but how I wish more people would be involved and would contribute so that more children could have the experience of art. Parents are willing to volunteer their time to help with the art classes, artist like myself are willing to go and share our time and gifts with the children, but without donations to purchase art supplies, we are very limited in what we can do.

Anyway, at least for one brief moment, we were in bliss creating art.

With love,

January 16, 2014

What a Challenge!

Dear Friends,

It's been a challenge for sure to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. I have learned so much already.

For starters, I don't like to paint in a hurry. Painting is a process that brings me joy. I am a slow painter and enjoy each brush stroke, and taking breaks, and let the painting unfold. So glad I am more aware of my painting timing.

I like to paint large! I tried to paint smaller, but it seems that the small paintings take just as much time as the larger ones for me, so I prefer to paint on larger canvases.

I like to paint what makes me happy. Today I got an email from some one who viewed my website and told me I didn't have my own style. I do have my own unique way of painting but perhaps I do not have a theme. Most artist do themes, but I am at a point where I want to paint whatever inspiration brings.

Sometimes I do start a series, but it's ever evolving with time. I usually do three pieces for a series, but always with the intention that it will grow with time, when it needs to grow.

It's been hard to keep up with the painters who do daily paintings, but I also noticed that there are those who are doing a big painting instead of 30 small ones, and posting updates instead. I like this idea better as I do have a few big paintings that need to be expressed soon.

Anyway, back to painting!


Dad's Garage, 6"x6" oil on canvas

January 14, 2014

Laguna Beach, 6"x6" oil on canvas

Painting 14 of 30!

Dear friends,

Today for painting two of thirty, I decided to work smaller and create a painting inspired by Laguna Beach, California.

I love the ocean and I took this photograph last year, when I went to the Pageant of the Masters.

Tomorrow I may work a bit larger. Would love to hear your comments on this piece.


January 4, 2014

30 Paintings Challenge

Happy New Year my friends!

Here is painting one of the thirty paintings I plan to do this month.

This painting took me a bit longer than I expected, which is great because I'm already learning to evaluate the complexity of the painting before deciding to paint it, and leave the more complicated paintings for when I have more time.

The paintings I will create during the next 24 days are from photographs I took and put it in my "Future Paintings" folder, so there may not be a theme, other than they were in this folder, waiting for me to paint.  

This particular painting is from a photograph I took last year, while visiting watercolor artist Tom Tiedeman. I don't really know the name of the flower, but if you do, let me know. I just saw it and found it to be so beautiful. 

Enjoy you day.


Pink Flower, 8"x10" oil on canvas

January 1, 2014

Sweetness, 5"x7" oil on canvas panel

Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

I decided to participate in the Leslie Saeta's January 2014 challenge of 30 paintings in 30 days!

Leslie held this challenge twice last year for the first time and I so wanted to participate, but as some of you may know, last January I had surgery. Then the second time she held it, I had just moved and there was so much stuff to catch up on. 

This time I don't really have that much extra time, but that's why it's a challenge right.  I truly can't wait but I still have no clue what to paint, so I'm asking for your help.

Please attach a photograph below that you took or have rights to it, that you would like me to consider for one of the 30 paintings.  There is no compensation if I choose your painting but you can see the painting on this blog and on my facebook page, with credit to your photograph.

May you have a wonderful happy New Year! Let the fun begin :)


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