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December 19, 2015

End of 2015

Dear Art Friends,

Is it me or does every year just seems to go by faster than the year before?  Specially the last quarter of the year. 

I had a wonderful time in Northern California. So much beauty, nature seems to abound up North and it was good to see my son, who lives in San Jose, for a few days. Lot's of photographs of amazing beautiful places like Pfeiffer Beach with it's purple sand and beach scenes that will give me enough material to paint for a year!

Things got hectic when I got back but I managed to do a small series of fruit.  When I found out I was borderline diabetic I stopped eating sugar, all with the exception of natural sugar found in fruit. The only sweetness in my food comes from fruits so I found it appropriately to paint fruit. Besides, wanted to try my 5"x7" linen on panels that I bought a year ago, and which by the way, I love and plan to do more of my paintings on this size. The artworks looks great framed too. 

I am leaving again on a trip to Tallahassee Fl for the holidays and will be gone for two weeks.  I will miss painting but happy to spend it with my daughter and Oliver, our dog who I miss so much.  I am hoping to have plenty of time to sight see this time around and to take enough photographs to paint this charming little city I fell in love with. Talk about nature, it's surrounded by tall beautiful trees everywhere, lakes, and nature everywhere.  

I wish you a happy holiday season and the best New Year yet!

Figs, 5"x7" oil on linen panel

Dec. 12th, 2015 - EAP Summation Art Reception

Gladys' painting Mr. Hanlo was juried into the Summation Art Show at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery. Reception will be on December 12, 2015 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Light refreshments will be served. Gladys is looking forward to seeing you there.

December 8, 2015 - The Riford Center in La Jolla

Gladys' only holiday sale this year will take place at the Riford Center in La Jolla. She will have a table from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Tuesday, December 8, 2015. All her small work is discounted! The Riford Center is located at 6811 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037.  Come and get beautiful unique paintings for gifting or for your own enjoyment.

November 2, 2015

Jay Leno, 16"x20" oil on canvas

Nature Trips

Dear Beautiful Art Friends,

I've been spending a lot of time in nature and loving it! Had a wonderful birthday, spent it in the Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear area.  There is nothing like nature to feel energized and inspired.

When I am done with this blog post, I need to pack as I'm heading to Northern California to spend more time with the Redwood forest, Santa Cruz to Big Sur area and back to San Francisco. So looking forward to this time away and meeting my son for a few days.

I've been busy painting realistic paintings. I'm currently working on one of Jay Leno. I don't know why I chose to paint him, but I wanted to do one with him for almost a year. He seems like such a nice fellow, perhaps to thank him for so many laughs from his time on The Tonight Show, and now that he has a new show about cars, which I so enjoy, I guess I felt it was time. Having a hard time capturing his features which is great! This means it's a challenge for me, and it feels good to challenge myself.

I do have three abstract artworks at the La Jolla Senior Center and four abstract artworks at 57 Degrees in San Diego. Do stop by and take a long if you are in the area.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With much love,

Nov. 6, 2015 - 57 Degrees Art Reception

Gladys has four large abstract pieces in a group show at 57 Degrees.  The reception is from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 57 Degrees is located at 1735 Hancock St, San Diego, CA 92101. Their phone number is (619) 234-5757. Please note that Gladys will not be at reception, as she will be out of town, but there is live music and a fun event.

October 10, 2015

La Boca, 16" x 20" oil on canvas
My Favorite Month of the Year

Dear Art Friends,

October is my favorite month. Perhaps because I was born in October, but also because it feels more like fall. It feels festive to me but not crazy busy as during December.

I have been busy painting both, realistic and abstract artwork.  I did the 30 day painting challenge again in September so had to work on abstracts to keep up with the challenge.  Below is one of my latest modern realistic paintings inspired by an old shipping town called La Boca in Buenos Aires Argentina.  Can you tell I love color?

I also have some artwork in a group show at the La Jolla Senior Center until the end of November 2015.

I had three garage sales last month. I'm trying to empty my storage unit and live a simpler life, with more experiences and less stuff.  I found a few things that I really like but don't have a use for it, and I'm thinking of doing a three dimensional sculpture of some kind. Excited about it!

This is it for now.  Going out of town for my birthday and plan to take a lot of photographs for future paintings.


September 26, 2015 - La Jolla Community Center

Gladys will have three large abstract paintings on exhibit at the La Jolla Community Center is located at 6811 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037. The group exhibit will continue until November 28, 2015. Come and see the art of several talented artist. 

August 18, 2015

Change, 8"x10" mixed media on canvas

Tallahassee Florida

Hello Beautiful Art Friends,

How is your summer going?  My daughter got her dream job towards the end of July in Tallahassee Florida! We embarked on a road trip from CA to FL. We packed her car as much as we could with her things, and we hit the road. Oliver, her dog came along, of course.

The road trip went by faster than we thought. We took a slight detour to spend sometime in New Orleans, LA.  First time for both of us. Loved the French Quarter.

Once in Tallahassee, it was work, work, work! We had to find an apartment by the first of August, then once we did, we needed to buy the basics as this is my daughter's first apartment, and first time living on her own!

I fell in love with Tallahassee and kind of wished I was moving there too, though it's pretty hot and not good for my body long term. It's a city that has so much to offer and so diverse.  

After weeks there I needed to return home. It has taken me a while to get back to speed but getting there. I have done a few mixed media abstracts. I wanted to experiment with different materials and to create something totally different.  Above is one I created.

The road trip and helping my daughter has taken a toll on my health.  My autoimmune disorder is not forgiving when I have stress or demand more of my body than I should.  It keeps me from being able to do a regular 9-5 job as sometimes it just knocks me down for a while. Good think I can still paint, and I don't know what I would do if I couldn't, but eventually I am aware due to the nature of LEMS I may not be able to. 

Anyway, hope your summer has been fun and adventurous.

July 14, 2015

Taking Sometime Off

Hello Beautiful Art Friends,

I had a lot of fun at the art reception at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery. I received my honorary award for Old Chimp and got to talk to the nice man that purchased my painting (Man with Dog 3) last month at the gallery. I always enjoy meeting my art collectors in person. I was happy to find out that the painting is hanging at a shop in Escondido. Next time I visit Escondido I'm going to make a stop at the "Bulldog" shop and take a photo of it.

I'm taking sometime off from painting. It's hard for me not to paint but my dog had surgery and he needed a few weeks to recover and make sure he won't hurt himself during his recovery.  I'm taking this time to read, one of my other passions which had taken a back sit to painting.  I feel like I have a baby at home with interrupted sleep at night. But we love our furry family members and we do the best we can to keep them healthy. This not painting time is giving me ideas I normally don't have time to dwell on...like taking a trip to Paris again next year.

As I mentioned in my newsletter, June to November will be devoted to realistic artwork, then January to June abstract. I am happy to report that my realistic artwork has been selling well. Usually it's the abstract that it's the most popular. I think when we love what we do, people sense it and want to be a part of it.

Above is the last small oil landscape I completed. Now I'm working on a painting of cottages by Oceanside, CA.

I hope you enjoy your summer and stay cool.


    Red Roof Cabin, 8"x10" oil on canvas

Old Chimp, 16"x20" oil on canvas

July 11, 2015 - Local Color Art Reception

Happy to announce that two of Gladys' paintings (Old Chimpanzee and Wolf) were juried into the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery Local Color art show. Gladys will be at the opening reception on July 11, 2015 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Refreshments will be available. Old Chimpanzee received an honorary mention.

June 4, 2015

Sweet Summer is Here

Hello Beautiful Art Souls!

I just sent out my quarterly newsletter.  You can sign up at the main page of the website.

June has been great in art sales.  I sold 9 pieces of art at the Escondido Booth I had last weekend. Then my painting Dog with Man 3 (Balboa Park) sold at the beginning of the the art reception opening for Contemporary Realism at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery.

Health wise feeling so much better with my new nutritious way of eating.  I feel so blessed that I can continue to paint. Finished my realistic painting above, Old Chimp. 
I will do a small landscape and a few more abstracts this week.

I love California, born and raised here, and planning a road trip in September. I can't wait to capture some of my favorite places and come home and paint them...both realistic and abstract ;)

Have a wonderful month.


June 6 & June 7 Art Booth

Gladys will have an art booth at HGSA located at 2975 Washington Circle Escondido, CA 92029. She will be there June 6 and June 7th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Come join the festivities on these beautiful grounds.

May 24, 2015

A Time to Heal

Dear Friends,

This month has been a slow month in all areas of my life. I'm focusing on healing physically and enjoying every thing I do on a day to day basic.  Since April 9, 2015 I have completely changed my diet. Let go of sugar, gluten, flour, processed foods, soy, corn, and cow dairy. Next month it will be a year since I gave all meat and poultry.  

I am learning to shop for healthy vegetables and trying new ones, like okra. Learning to cook them and juicing every day is a new habit for me and my body is loving it. One of the benefits of giving up sugar is that all food taste so much better. 

I feel this is a time to re-evaluate my life and what is ahead.  I stopped teaching for now. I miss teaching art after so many years but I need to take care of myself right now and I need to simplify my life and limit the amount of stress as much as I can.

I had a wonderful time at the opening reception of Paint Alchemy last month. So grateful for all the people who showed up to help me set up, those who came to the reception and those who purchased art. I was blessed to have such a wonderful time with friends and fans of my work. Check out the video I made of the reception.

I began the month creating small abstract paintings. It has been a while since I did new ones, so it was fun to warm up with abstract work.  Then I began a realistic painting last week. It's been 6 months since my last realistic painting since I was focusing on my featured artist show. It feels great to do what I love and will focus on realistic works for the next 6 months.

The opening reception at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery where two of my paintings were on display was also fun. You can still view the show Contemporary Realism until June 5th.

This is for now.


Gladys Jimenez, Paint Alchemy Featured Artist

May 9, 2015 - Contemporary Realism Art Reception

Happy to announce that two of Gladys' paintings (Blue Bug and Balboa Park Dog with Man 3) were juried into the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery Contemporary Realism art show. Gladys will be at the opening reception on May 9, 2015 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Refreshments will be available.

April 17, 2015 - Paint Alchemy Opening Reception

The Allied Artists Association of San Diego featured artist for the month of April 2015 is award-winning artist Gladys Jimenez.  You are invited to view Gladys' latest abstract artwork. Joining her at the opening reception is AAASD May's 2015 featured artist Emily Slapin with her current work in realism.

The opening art reception will be April 17, 2015 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the La Jolla Community Center.  Wine and light refreshments will be served.  The show is open to the public and there is no fee, but we do ask that you get a ticket for the event so we can plan accordingly.  Click on the Eventbrite link below.

Come and have a fun evening with beautiful art, bring your friends, meet new people, and meet the artists.

La Jolla Community Center is located at 6811 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037. The show will be on exhibit from April 1, 2015 through May 28, 2015.

March 21, 2015 Panache 2015

Gladys had the privilege of being invited to participate in Panache 2015 fundraising event for the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery in Escondido, CA. Only award-winning artist are invited to donate their artwork for this upscale event.  She donated her painting "The Artist Archetype".  The event will take place on March 21, 2015 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Do buy your tickets early as they tend to sell fast.  Gladys will be at the event, so stop by and say hello.

March 14, 2015

The Creative Type

Dear Beautiful Art Fans,

It's been a while since I posted an entry. If you get my newsletter you will know I've been busy creating new pieces for my Featured Artist "Paint Alchemy" art show in April. 

In the mean time I have also taught several elementary art classes and a few adult classes at the La Jolla Community Center. I love it when my students express how happy they are that they took my class and they will tell their friends about it. In one particular firth grade class in Valley Center, a teacher decided to participate and paint herself as her students were having too much fun. You can see her create on the above image.

I have been contacted by a new art gallery in La Jolla, CA. It seems like a new opportunity to promote my work. Will keep you updated once I review their offer.

If you are in Vista, stop by the Vista Branch Library. My artwork proudly hangs among other talented artists. If you are in San Diego, I hope you do put aside April 17, 2015 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and stop by and see my featured show "Paint Alchemy".

I read an article that creative people and entrepreneurs make bad 9 to 5 employees. I could have told you that! But it's always good to know that it's not just me that is built this way, thus only had one job right after high school. I love the flexibility of owning my time and working on what needs to be done in my own timing.  Not sure I could handle a regular
9 to 5 job without feeling that part of me is dying.

Anyway, must get back to painting...this I can do 24/7.

Take care and stay cool.


Teacher participating during my art class

My student with her work in progress.

March 11, 2015 - Mix Media Class

Mark your calendars for March 11, 2015 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Gladys will be giving a Mix Media Class at the La Jolla Community Center, located at 6811 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037. This is not a class about making a masterpiece. This is a class to relax, release stress, and allow your creative self to come out and play. It's all about having FUN creating. No prior art experience needed and all materials will be provided.  You may bring copies of photographs or images you would like to incorporate in your artwork. To sign up you can call the center at (858) 459-0831.
March 9, 2015 Vista Branch Library Art Show

Gladys' artwork will be on display as part of the North County Critic Group at the Vista Branch Library located at 700 Eucalyptus Ave., Vista, CA 92084. The title of the art show is "Teal" and you are welcome to stop buy Monday through Sunday. For Library open hours please call (760) 643-5100. Show runs until June 6, 2015.
January 6, 2015

One More Year 

Dear Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I spent it with family in Los Angeles and while I am happy the hectic part of the holidays are over, I already miss my two children.

Back to painting and I am working on some larger abstract pieces for a group show I am participating in March 2015, which will be at the Vista Library, here in CA.

No new year resolutions for me this time. I gave up on writing goals a few years back and new year resolutions felt like goals to me. Don't get me wrong, I do have many intentions on what I want for my life, but I'm not rushing into anything. I will continue to do what I love and flow with life.

I am not entering any shows for a while. I entered the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge again this year so that will keep me busy for this month. I am also going to focus on the pieces for March, and my featured show in La Jolla, CA in April.  The dates seem far away but time does fly when you are having fun.

I will post some photos of the new work on my next post.

May the New Year find you well.


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