Getting ready to paint

Dear Art Friends,

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge for September 2016 - I'm participating once more in Leslie Saeta's Challenge! This time it's different. Since I do paint almost every day, in the past it had been rather easy to do small abstracts and not really challenge myself, but this time I've decided to really challenge myself.

I love using oil for my realistic work but this time I will use acrylic! I find acrylic great for abstract work but hard to work with for realistic work as it dries so fast and I can't quite get the desire colors I want. I will also be using a limited palette. 

Another part of the challenge besides the medium, it's that I don't do many landscapes, therefore my theme will be landscapes! These will be small studies, not really intended to be a masterpiece on their own, though who knows what will show up!  I will not be using any reference photos as I normally do either.

These studies will be painted on 5"x7" acid free Matboard cards. They will come with a protective clear bag, which you may remove if you are framing your artwork. 

I began my 30 paintings early because I am traveling most of September (yes, they were done within 30 days), but I will not be able to ship them until Sept 26, 2016.

I would love to hear your feedback on the artwork.  I will post one each day, not sure yet if on the blog or the website. I'm even considering an auction site. Will let you know as we get closer to September.

With Love,