Inspiration Board 2018

Hello Beautiful Art Friends,

I have completed my first inspiration board, which is the first assignment for my twelve week mentorship for Nicholas Wilton's Creative Visionary Program 2018.

This is what I learned from creating it:

1) I learned that every realistic painting I have done is connected to something I enjoy doing.

2) I do abstract work from intuition, I never know how my painting will look when it's completed but not sure how that fits with my vision board other than I love color and painting.

3) I love telling stories and I used to paint like this before I took oil painting classes. I did 5 pieces and they all sold but I never consider creating more of these type of paintings because it didn't fit in the realistic or the abstract work I now do. So now I'm wondering if I should do more of these because people who bought the ones I did told me that my artwork made them happy.

4) I love painting the most and I'm in bliss when I paint, thus the addiction to it.

So much more to discover!

With Love,