Detail view of Chagall's stein glass window at AIC

Hello Beautiful Art Friends,

I just published my quarterly newsletter (you can read here) but I wanted to go more in depth about my trip to the Art Institute of Chicago.

We started by having breakfast at Wildberries, wonderful American food just a mile or so from museum. There is meter parking on the street. We were super early so we drove the the Art Institute of Chicago after breakfast to scope the parking situation. Someone had told us there was free parking near by but not true. There is no free parking. There are meter parking spaces for $13.00 for two hours (but who wants to stop in two hours and go back and feed the meter, and what if you forget), or parking garages near by that start at $16.00 if you go early enough for their matinee prices, regular prices after 9 am is $32.00 per day. Some people take public transportation. I opted to pay the $28.00 valet parking on the Modern Wing entrance and added a tip.  Hours for valet parking are from 10:30am to 5:00pm. This is a great option as you don't have to waste time looking parking, and when you come out of Art Institute tired from walking their three levels of wonderful art, it's nice to have someone bring you your car.

Regular admission to the Art Institute is $25.00 per person. We got the Audio Tour for an extra $7.50. May I suggest you use their coat facility to check in your coat, purse, or whatever you are carrying. They charge $1.00 per item but it's worth not carrying anything while you view art. 

We started on the third floor, viewing their Modern Art collection. The Old Guitarist by Picasso is here, from his Blue Period, and so is Bathers by a River by Henri Matisse.

Then we went to the second floor where we explored Contemporary art and our favorite, Impressionism.
We took in Monet, Georges Seurat's famous A Sunday on La Grande Jatte,  Paul Gauguin, Joan Miro, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and many more. The institute is huge!  We took a lunch break for 20 minutes at their cafe and continued viewing European art but after almost 6 hours I was tired.

We made our way to see Chagall's windows, and I was struck with awe! I had to sit in front of them and allowed myself to be taken by these three beautiful stein glass window panels.  Overwhelming beauty! Definitely my favorite part of the institute. 

I felt so grateful to be able to experience so much creativity and wonderful works of art.  This is a must when you are in Chicago.  I am returning again next year to finish viewing the rest of their art collection. I didn't even make it the Modern American Art wing, to see Edward Hopper's Nighthawks! And Since Grant Wood's American Gothic was on tour, I really must return.

There is a LOT of traffic in Chicago so plan accordingly.

Until next time...

With Love,