Hello my art friends,

I've been busy traveling and painting.  I made it back to the Art Institute of Chicago.  How I love that museum and walking through it's rooms and noticing different things on the art pieces I saw last time I was there and discovering new ones.  

Before I left on my trip I was able to visit Stagecoach Vineyard in Escondido and spent a day doing plein air. While I'm still having a hard time painting outside and feeling I have to rush as the light changes, it was a more enjoyable experience then my last time. I'm definitely a studio artist!

I've been painting representational paintings again, now that's June. I began with a few animal paintings but I'm back to my favorite people paintings.  

I feel it's time for me to grow as an artist, to draw better, to paint faster, to make my paintings more interesting.  I'm going to focus on this for the next few months.

This is all from me today, I hope all is well with you.