Hello Beautiful Art Friends,

I had the opportunity to travel to Milwaukee, WI. I loved this city, with 20 sculptures along the river bank, including Bronze Fonz...aayyy.

I have been to many museums in my life, including the Louvre and Rijks, but MAM pleasantly surprised me. I was in heaven and didn't want to leave! I actually spend five hours there looking at all the diverse art.  So many artist I have done lessons on when I taught children in elementary school, their work was here! I could see it up close, every stroke, how thick or thin they applied paint, the actual size of their work, and on some, even the painting cracking.

Where do I start...Rembrandt (Loved how he did thick lines for forehead wrinkles), Parmigianino, Wayne Thiebaud (first work I saw upon entry), right along with Andy Warhol, Kandinsky, O'Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, Giacometti, Chagall. There was modern art, realism, abstract, sculptures, so much yet well placed.  

I have always loved Dutch painters, Vermeer being an old time favorite, my first love actually. This time I am flirting with the wonderful German Expressionist painters...they just wowed me this time around.  They also give a space to self-taught artist.

If you have time to visit this museum I hope you do. It's nicely set by the lake, so you have a wonderful view to sit by when your feet get tired of exploring this beautiful place and you need a break. They also have two nice cafe's and a restaurant. Locker's for 50 cents if you don't want to carry your things around, and a gift shop.

I caught a terrible cold that put me in bed for a few days so didn't make it to Chicago as I wanted on this trip but returning in November, and looking forward to exploring it's museums.

Hope all is well with you.