Dear Beautiful Art Friends,

I hope your holidays we good, spend with loved ones and hopefully not too stressful.

I had the chance to go to Sugar Mountain, NC for the first time. It was beautiful, I got to ski after 10 years of not doing so. I had forgotten how much fun it was, and why I used to go every year to Big Bear California to ski since I discovered skiing in 1985.

I got to explore small mountain towns like Blowing Rocks and Boones. I fell in love with the mountain and now I long to live near one.  

Happy to report that everywhere I went in NC, specially in Ashville NC, art is thriving.  Wonderful sculptures in public places, galleries, co-ops and artful communities.  

I gave my first public speaking talk about Art & Spirit on January 15, 2017 at Harmony Grove in Escondido. I was nervous but it went well. We had an interactive part where we created collage cards so it was really fun...I see more collage workshops in the future ;)

I will keep you updated in case you want to learn more about them.

This is it for now, I must really get back to painting.