Little Sunflower, commission on 18x24" canvas

Hello Beautiful Art Friends,

It's been busy at my end again. If you subscribe to my newsletter you may already know that this year I got engaged! Yes! Planning a wedding and moving takes a lot of time.

We took a trip to AZ in March as a potential place to move but I found out I'm allergic to something in the air there. It was terrible, so hard to breath, and my throat felt raw and painful.  When I returned to San Diego I did a google search and found out AZ is one of the worse places for people with allergies or asthma and San Diego is the top place to live if you have those problems. I guess I never knew I had problems because I live in San Diego.

In May we explored Tallahassee but my future husband found it hard to enjoy with the heat, humidity and bugs. And we do like sidewalks as we take a walk almost every day and in Talli, as in AZ, not all neighborhoods have sidewalks.

So we are still looking for a place we both like. As for the wedding we decided to do it in WI. CA is where most of our friends are, but my children are in FL and my partner's family in WI, and since his mom can't travel due to health problems, we will get hitch in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I myself love Milwaukee but apparently it could get bitter cold in the winter so we are looking at April 2018 for the wedding.

I have had a chance to paint nevertheless. In May 12 small paintings sold to a couple in Hawaii expecting their first child.  They wanted original artwork for the nursery and I'm so glad they choose my artwork. How awesome is that? Their baby will start with a great art collection, but most importantly, beautiful images for her/him to look at everyday.

This is it for today. By the way, if you are local, my work is at the Del Mar Fair in the Wild Animal section.  I went to the opening reception and got to see all the other great works of art.