Lemur and Pup

Lemur and Pup

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 12" x 12" x 1.50"

The Inspiration

From the Animal Series inspired by a trip to the San Diego Zoo with my daughter. Returning after several to the zoo, I felt it was time to continue the animal series. The animal series is not limited to wild animals, but all those that roam the earth.

Quick Note

The name Lemur is actually Latin for “spirits of the night”. Lemurs are primates, native to Madagascar. 

They evolved independently to monkeys and apes. Before humans arrived on Madagascar Island, lemurs were large as male gorillas. The smallest species of lemur is known as the Dwarf Mouse Lemur (or Pygmy mouse Lemur) and weighs only 30 grams.

Lemurs use scents to communicate with other lemurs. Lemurs compete with other males by having what is called a “stink war” using the glands in their wrists to scent their tails, there by using their tails as a form of communication when wafted through the air while carrying a scent.

Conservation Status

[ x ] Critically Endangered. Lemurs are the most endangered mammals. At least 17 lemur species have gone extinct.

[ x ] Vulnerable.  

Lemur Power Animal

Call on the Lemur when you want to spend more time with friends and family. When you want to be nurtured and nurture others. When you want to feel safe and secure. 

Call on the Lemur to make you aware of some opportunities which are near you, so you won’t miss them, as they are very alert animals. 

Lemur and Pup

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*"Endangered" means a species is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. "Threatened" means a species is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future. 

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