The Bee Paintings

The Bee Paintings
 came about from my great concern of how quickly our bees are dying. It's been over 10 years and I feel not much has been done to improve the situation. When bees do not do their work because the majority are dying, it affects agriculture and the very food we eat.  I saddens me to see them dead when I walk by the ocean or even in my neighborhood.

I must confess that I have a connection to the bees. When I was growing up, I lived with my grandparents in Mexico and had a rather sheltered life. I was the only child in their home and I had no friends, but every day I would go outside and commune with nature. I actually played with bees because I had no idea they stung, and they never did sting me. I would catch them and transport them to different flowers. I thought they were beautiful. I was a tom boy and played with rolly pollies, lady bugs, and I would even enjoy watching spiders spin their webs. I loved climbing trees and the roof top, playing with mud, and rocks and imagination was my best friend.

I didn't realized bees stung until returned to Los Angeles where I was born, and I found it hilarious that other people would run away from the bees. I would catch them and would show them there was nothing to fear but they didn't trust me.  Even now, I sometimes go for a walk and a bee would land on me and join me for a few blocks. I know, I'm a bit different than most folks, but think about it, what else do we run away from in our lives because we are afraid of possible pain?

This will be a continuous series as I do want to get the word out of how important it is that we stop using pesticides that kill our bees. I like to use real bees I have found already dead in some of the paintings. Sometimes I just add a little bee in a painting where it's not noticeable, but it's there :)

Please come back and check this page for new work in the near future.

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