The Fruit Series

The Fruit Series came about from me giving up all sugar with the exception of the sugar found in nature, like in fruit. On April 10, 2015 I gave up all sugar after being diagnosed with rare disease. Trying to find answers I studied my blood work and realized that in Dec 2014 I was borderline diabetic and my doctors had said nothing about it because they were so focused on a "bigger health issue."

Quitting cold turkey was the best decision I made. Yes, there were withdrawal symptoms like headaches and my body feeling terrible, but after a week, regular veggies began to taste great! My tastebuds and sense of smell changed and not eating any processes food (which I also gave up on that date, along with wheat, flour, soy and cow dairy) helped to make the wholesome food I now eat taste delicious.

The cravings for chocolate and other junk food stopped after eating nutritious food. I so love my sweet fruit, as it's the only sweetness I do have in my food as I do not eat any type of sugar substitutes. Fruit is a gift sometimes over looked, so I decided to do series of paintings based just on fruit.

The series will evolve, and I will come back to it I'm sure, as there are so many fruits I enjoy like papaya and pineapple.



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